World Drumming

The Offbeats, named for the sacred space that exists between the beats, is comprised of drummer/percussionists, many of whom have studied with John Marshall. The Offbeats have gathered both traditional and non-traditional rhythms from all over the world and play many different kinds of drums. As a group, the Offbeats are continually striving to find new rhythms and new ways of creating songs with a unique percussive sound.

The Offbeats have performed at the Music Mountain Family Festival in Falls Village, Connecticut, The Martin Luther King Event in Woodbury, Connecticut, The Washington Town Celebration in Washington, Connecticut and many other joyful gatherings. The Offbeats have been asked to drum for church and synagogue services, as well. We have just finished our first recording, entitled, “Off The Beaten Path”, which I offer here for your enjoyment. Please contact me for additional information on the Offbeats, including our performance schedule and fees.

Taiko Master

Taiko Matsuri is a piece that includes traditional Taiko rhythms taught by Elaine Fong, Master Taiko drummer and Teacher. This song is infused with power and spirit.

Rocky Road

Rocky Road is a song that features the bass drum or djun djun and agogo bell. The piece changes rhythms from slower to faster to remind us that life’s roads are sometimes easy and sometimes challenging.


This song, played primarily on the Middle Eastern doumbek, combines traditional Middle Eastern rhythms in a multi-layered song. Listen for the engaging jingle of the riq!

Salsa and Hotdogs

Salsa and Hotdogs, a song inspired by Latin rhythms, makes you want to get on the floor and dance. Samba, anyone?