Award Winning Music For Children

Jam Sandwich

In 1987, Linda Goodman and I became known as the musical duo, Jam Sandwich, performing at schools, libraries and town greens for children across Connecticut. We made three recordings, one of which won a prodigious Parent’s Choice Award in 1990. Although we haven’t been “on the road” for years now, the music we composed is timeless.

Julie Clark and Linda Goodman, Jam Sandwich
Julie Clark and Linda Goodman

CAST Kidz – Jungle Rhythms

Several years ago, I heard the sound of the djembe for the first time and I thought, “I really need to learn how to drum!”  I took lessons with Master Drummer, John Marshall and Kojo Bey and attended drum camps and drum circles. One of my greatest joys is the ability to pass my love of the drum on to young children.

Drumming has so many benefits – for people of every age – but especially in the education of children. Children learn rhythm, eye-hand coordination and using left and right sides of the brain together. Working with Peter Bartoli, owner of the Sylvan Learning Center in Southbury, Connecticut, we also incorporated the learning of phonics, rhyming and literacy skills to the list.

Lastly, drumming can help children to express their emotions in a positive way.  I particularly love the expressions of joy that emanate from my students’ faces when they do a drum roll and send their energy into the universe!


A song that describes, through the eyes of a child, how his/her pregnant mother looks. Perhaps, a little like…a whale?


Look up at that cloud! It looks like a camel…or maybe a kangaroo… Or, just could be, a Camel-aroo!

Turtle Man

A little reggae anyone? An ode to the life of the turtle!


“I’m wearin’ jammies, it’s the end of the day. I’m wearin’ jammies and I feel okay. I love my jammies, best time of the day – and it’s the best time for a hug!”


Don’t Make Your Dinosaur Sore

A word of warning to any child with a pet dinosaur:  Always keep him happy! “If he says that he loves you, better say you love him more!”


One Man Band

There’s nothing like some pots and pans and a big old spoon! A jazzy little tune celebrates the sounds a child can make with “everything but the kitchen sink!”