Choral Music

The songs here are presented with both MP3 recordings of performances by Femina Melodia directed by Jan Gregory and the Sheet Music in PDF format that can be downloaded for FREE for your use.


The song, Breathe, was inspired by the fact that the air we breathe today is the same air that was breathed by Julius Caesar, Michelangelo and all of our ancestors. There is no new air on Earth. It is conceivable that we are breathing the same air that our grandmothers and great grandmothers breathed.

Sheet Music: Breathe for SSA and breaths


The Greek Goddess of Wisdom, also known as “Sophia”, was the inspiration for this song that was composed while I was enrolled at Hartford Seminary’s Women’s Leadership Institute. It is a joyful tribute to the spirit of women.

Sheet Music: Sophia for SSA and Percussion

Rise Up Smiling

Rise Up Smiling is a reflection on the idea of “Chaos Theory” or the “Butterfly Effect” which states that a butterfly may flap its wings on one side of the Earth, thus creating a hurricane on the other side of the Earth. I believe that this is also true of kindness, which is passed from person to person and creates peace.

Sheet Music: Rise Up Smiling for SSAA Voices

If I Had Wings

If I Had Wings comes from the fact that as a child, I dreamed of having wings like a bird and being able to fly. I longed for the sensation of peace and freedom that would come from gliding above the trees. I still do.

Sheet Music: If I Had Wings for SSA and Percussion