My name is Julie Clark. In 1987, together with Linda Goodman, I opened the Creative Arts Studio, now known as CAST Preschool and Childcare Center – an academy for early learning that offers children the opportunity to grow and learn in a creative environment. Linda and I have produced music for children under the name “Jam Sandwich” and, in 1990, won a Parent’s Choice Award for one of our recordings.

In 2003, I joined a women’s a cappella group directed by Jan Gregory – Femina Melodia – and began writing SSA choral music for the group. At the same time I started my love affair with the djembe and drum with both the Femina Melodia Drummers and a unique women’s drumming group, The Offbeats.

Over the years, I have developed a portfolio of work which includes women’s choral pieces, drum “songs” and children’s music as well as a children’s drumming curriculum which I call, Jungle Rhythms.

In an effort to share my “joyful noise” with the world, I offer up my music and my body of work. Please feel free to download anything you find on this site. ┬áIf you choose to perform any of it, please cite me and send me an email so that I can share your enthusiasm.

Thank you!


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